January 21, 2015 Joshua Tree, CA
Michael White & Leisei Chen with Mirza Todorovich: Artist In Residence
Harrison House

Creating "Rays Of Oneness" - Inspired by the SUN RAYS through the kitchen window of Harrison House. Be ONE with SUN RAYS in the morning, beaming through us as it’s swirling rainbow colored waves tunnel through shimmering golden lights. Be ONE with MOON and STARS RAYS nurturing us with their silvery glows, showering down on the silence of nights. Bathing rays of ALL, through our sounds of LOVE. HEALING. INSPIRATION. HOPE., we wake up together to our vast infinite possibilities, return to the ONENESS.


Michael & Leisei as visionaries, Jazz musicians & composers in this serendipitous occasion of the Artists-In-Residency at the Harrison House, will continuously practice Jazz tenants of FREEDOM THROUGH DISCIPLINE by our daily warm-ups refining SPECTRUMS OF SOUND, with spontaneous inspirations to co-compose a new piece from the beautiful surroundings of Joshua Tree. In our LIVE performance, we will present original compositions, Jazz classics paying homage to Jazz legends who paved our paths, and spontaneous improvisations with QiGong movements derived from the LIFE FORCE of UNIVERSE to the audience through us as DIVINE VEHICLES. Collaborating with Mirza Todorovich, photographer/videographer.

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