In Sync With The Universe
Yesterday Michael & Leisei were chilling out at "Barnes and Noble" in the Americana for coffee where they have a beautiful third floor balcony. We were looking out at the fountains, the lawns surrounded by trees, children laughing and playing, old JAZZ playing through many many speakers, birds flying over hopping and pecking crumbs. "Peace in Chaos" : ) so to speak with sun shinning blissfully.

On the way out, we were coming down an escalator, got to go through book shelves to get to another. Then all of a sudden, we smelled good fragrances and STOPPED, PAUSED, LOOKED around . . . Ahhhh it's the music section Ahhhh the Jazz section.

ZOOM! TWO JAZZ books on the shelve came to Leisei's eyes, we found out that Michael was featured in those books : )

John Coltrane : His Life And Music By Lewis Porter

It was on Page 367 " - 1962 - May 1-20. San Francisco. Jazz Work. DB, July 5 says Dolphy, Wes Montgomery and violinist Michael White sat in during the last day, when there was a matinee and possibly a final evening show as well."

Michael never mentioned it till 6 years ago, his brother Teddy reminded him to make sure we should add it (playing with John Coltrane) onto our press kit. Yes Michael has been and still is the man looking ahead hardily ever looking back, busy improving his music, playing and dreaming. But in recent years we have looked into all of his musical history. Also with modern technologies, we have found quite a bit of written proof. And nowadays he is more willing to share his stories with the public!

coverartFreedom, Rhythm, & Sound - Revolutionary Jazz Cover Art 1965 to 1983 By Gilles Peterson & Stuart Baker.

FreedomRhythm&SoundRevolutionaryJazz1963-82A beautiful hard cover weighs tons : ) with an incredible collection of revolutionary jazz album cover art from 60s & 70s! It featured the cover art Michael's Impulse Album "Pneuma", and "The Blessing Song" was also featured on their accompanied two set compilation CDs "Freedom Rhythm & Sound Revolutionary Jazz In The USA 1965-80" from Soul Jazz Records 2009. We were happy to see that many of our friends and Jazz masters were also featured Cecil McBeeSun Ra, Pharoah Sanders, Phil Ranelin, Prince Lasha among others.

When we are in the ZONE, our senses will over-ride any pre-conceived notions & knowledges, and we flow with least resistance. Then we know we are in TUNE, in SYNC with the UNIVERSE * . * * . * Receiving through and sending out. We love those moments!

With LOVE, Leisei & Michael
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