Album Cover
The Land Of Spirit And Light
Michael White
Released: September 27, 2005
Label: Impulse Records
Track Listing
1 The Land Of Spirit And Light (Part 1)
2 The Land Of Spirit And Light (Part 2)
3 The Land Of Spirit And Light (Part 3)
4 Fatima's Garden
5 Fiesta Dominical
6 O Ancient One
7 Lament (Mandkind)

Liner Notes

Michael White violin, Prince Lasha piccolo, flute, alto flute, clarinet, Ed Kelly piano, Bob King classical guitar, Cecil McBee bass, Kenneth Nash percussion, Kenny Jenkins, Stanley Nash, unidentified others vocals


 "Michael White has earned a place in the jazz history books as a key figure of the Sixties avant garde, as a pioneer of jazz-rock fusion, and as one of the few truly original jazz violinists. This 1973 album, a mix of elegant improvisiontions, irresistible grooves, and unusual textures featuring a classical guitarist and the legendary Prince Lasha on flutes, is among his best" from the liner notes


Recorded Feburary 7th and 8th, 1973 at the Village Recorder, Los Angeles, Original Recordings Produced By Ed Michel, Reissued on September 27, 2005



The Land of Spirit and Light
Splice Today
"Michael White is the embodiment of what made jazz cool, and he still plays a hell of a show! As jazz violinist Michael White, 82, sang “Let Love Be Your Magic Carpet Ride” with his Quintet on Sunday night at the Malcolm X Jazz Arts Festival in East Oakland, I leaned in my chair with my eyes closed, the sun still visible from too many glances at the solar eclipse and all I could think was… this is important. . . " [Read More...]
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