Album Cover
Michael White Quintet
Released: November 14, 2006
Label: IZNIZ
Track Listing
1 Message From The Sky
2 Circumambulation
3 Jeff's Place
4 Serenade
5 Mechanical Man
6 My One And Only Love
7 Rose Moon
8 Fiesta Domincal

Liner Notes

Michael White violin,  Leisei Chen voice/vocals, Timothy Young guitar, Cecil Mcbee bass, Kenneth Nash percussions

". . . . the magical organic enviroment brought forth the best musical creativity of everyone with effortless ease. I hope the journey of "Voices" will be your constant companion with Love, Healing Inspiration and Hope. . . "  from the liner notes by Michael White


All for Their Love Of Music
Los Angeles Sentinel
Say the name Michael White to a jazz aficionado, and the likely response will be something like, 'Yeah, great jazz violinist back in the day. Wonder what he's doing these days? . . ." [Read More...]
CD Voices
Beyond Race Magazine
”..Michael White has gathered here gorgeous pieces that viewers can enjoy as a warm backdrop through its modest voicing or as an intricate study of the more difficult negotiations of classical recordings.” [Read More...]
Michael White Quintet
Jazz Magazine
”... ACUTE NOTES THAT PLAY UNIVERSAL are the case in which music of “is meant deep”: it has need of being explained, being analyzed and beingrationalize to its context. There is then the music that speaks alone:music and sound that are beautiful, simply beautiful...” [Read More...]
CD Voices
eJazz News
" . .. This endeavor is seemingly steeped within a plight to uncover a hidden beauty of sorts as White’s artistic mastery radiates in multifarious colors here!" [Read More...]
CD Voices
All About Jazz
" . . . Voices may come from a variety of places, but at its core is White, whose own vulnerable voice remains one of the more distinctive in jazz violin." [Read More...]
Michael White Quintet
The Stranger
”I savored the rasping moans and chanting clangs of this adventurous violinist's new CD, Voices (Izniz Recordings). White's burgundy tone, funky pizzicati, and easygoing arrangements smartly blend jazz and folk music from around the world . . . . “
CD Voices
Steve Wilson
”There's much radiant warmth and intelligence on display on this cd, with outstanding playing, particularly from Michael White and Tim Young, throughout. Some of my favorite things (so far) - 'Circumambulation'; the parts of 'Serenade' with the violin uncannily doubling Leisei Chen's voice, 'Mechanical Man'... I'm glad I found out about Michael White, and 'Voices'.
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